Monday, November 22, 2010

Vinyl Bibs

Okay, so this isn't really for your home...but it's a very easy (and cheap!) project.
You need: a sewing machine, vinyl and some velcro.

Trace a bib that you already have onto some Vinyl and voila! you have your bib! Next cut out your desired designs, initials, shapes...whatever out of different colored vinyl. I hot glue gunned the snowman shape onto the bib before sewing it, to hold it in place, but that's probably not necessary. Next, sew around the snowman. Add some velcro to the top to fasten the bib and you're done! The design possibilities are endless :)

"Stop sewing and get me some breakfast mom!!"


The Jackson Family said...

So cute! And looks pretty easy, too, those are my kind of projects.

Eliza said...

Nice Julie! did you come up with this? very very clever. Now I have a cheap baby gift to give :)!!!