Friday, December 3, 2010

jewelry frame

I was tired of having all my jewelry stuffed in a drawer, it was hard to find what I wanted and always tangled up! So I came up with this jewelry frame to help me organize (I LOVE organization). I found a frame at DI and painted it black. Then bought hooks and chicken fencing (the most expensive part of this project) at Home Depot. I cut out the chicken fencing to fit the frame then hot glued it on. Then I covered a piece of cardboard with fabric (just some fabric I already had... you could also use scrapbook paper for a more fun look) and hot glued that on to the back of the frame. Then screwed on the hooks and glued on some decorative flowers (I learned how to make them from my sister-in-law here). And now I love getting ready for the day! I can see everything in one glance.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

ribbon board

I've been rearranging/decorating my daughters room and made this for her to hang her favorite pictures and artwork (aka scribbles).
It was easy smeasy to make as my kids would say.
The backing is cardboard, I just used a big huggies box and opened it up and stapled it together. You can make it any size this is about 2x3ft.
I put batting on next, you don't need to do this but it gives it a little puff! glue gun that on.
Then hit up Joannes sale rack, they always have cute remnants for super cheap, get some ribbon and buttons to match.
Then just glue gun it all together! I glued the buttons on and the ribbon at each cross, you could sew them on- but that takes effort!
Cute hu!