Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pumpkins with Vines

I should have posted this awhile ago, since it is now the week of Halloween.  This is a really easy craft to do for Halloween.  I'm not a huge fan of the guts and gore decorations for Halloween.  I thought this was a little bit classier decor.  What you need is small decorative pumpkins, black dimensional paint and black craft paint.
This is an example of dimensional paint.
Now you just paint vines with the black dimensional paint directly onto the pumpkin.  The dimensional paint I used came out gray at first, which freaked me out a little bit, but luckily it dried black.  Also, if you mess up, the dimensional paint wipes right off the pumpkin and you can try again.  It's pretty much fool proof.  Let the pumpkins dry over night.  Once the dimensional paint is dry, paint the stalks of the pumpkin with normal black acrylic craft paint.  Here are how my pumpkins turned out.

Side View

Top View