Wednesday, June 1, 2011

she wore flowers in her hair...

now I will have that song in my head all day and think of dumb and dumber! ( I hope I'm not the only one remembers that haha)

a cute girl in my ward made these little felt bows, so I had to give it a try...

what you need:
glue gun, felt, clips, scissors, needle/thread

cut some circles, they can be as big/small as you want. start with 1 for the base and pinch the middle of the other circles and attach them to the base circle with your glue gun, the more circles you put on the cuter. Once you get going it makes sense. I didn't do very many on this one and I wasn't very happy with it. but I love my white one(you'll see it later...)

this one was a lot easier. cut out a row of petals, keep them attached to one another. then stitch across the bottom then gather into a flower. on this one I cut out 4 small circles and pinched the middle to make a cute center for the flower, I LOVED it! and it helped to have an amazingly cute model!

there are endless ways to put these together, SO FUN!