Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Pillows

I've always wanted interchangeable holiday pillows, but I hate to spend money so I decided to use things I already had to make some Thanksgiving pillows.
Tip: When you're making a pillow cover, make it about 1" smaller than the actual pillow (ie. for a 17"x17" pillow, make your cover 16"x16"). This ensures it won't look flat or under-stuffed.

Turkey PillowI cut out all the pieces, then used iron-on transfer adhesive to stick the pieces to the pillow. Then, I sewed around everything so that it wouldn't peel away at all. After that, I used embroidery thread to add the eyes, mouth and feet. Then, I sewed the pillow together.

Thanks PillowI used my Cricut to cut out the letters, but you could easily cut them out by hand or find a font on your computer to trace. I used the same iron-on transfer adhesive and then sewed around the letters.

Striped PillowI wanted to pull all the fabrics together with this pillow, so I just used different widths of each fabric and sewed them together.

For all the pillows, I used buttons and button-holes on the back so that I can easily take the covers off when the holiday is over and replace them with new covers. Plus, buttons are way easier than a zipper in my opinion.

Monday, November 22, 2010

lace earring holder

I'm always looking for good ways to organize jewelery 

usually without success

but this one is kind of fun, I've loved it!

I bought the lace and frame at D.I. for a grand total of $3

You could really use any kind of frame you'd like


All I did was:

 take out the glass and backing to the frame

cut out a piece of lace the size of the frame

and hot glue the lace to the inside edge of the frame


You could of course use a wooden frame as well

in that case I would nail the lace on first to the corners of the frame

but using only hot glue has worked just fine!

I love the lace,

 I think it has kind of a fun vintage look

and it keeps your earrings from getting lost in the abyss of a jewelery box....


A gallery in your home...

This really isn't anything too creative, its just something I've grown to love and I think it looks good on a wall if you don't have any big paintings to fill the space (being young and unwealthified I doubt many of us have large fine art pieces to hang on our walls)... I like to hang my photos and small art pieces I've collected in gallery style... you can do a variety of frames such as this.... (we're really not obsessed with ourselves, we just don't have kids yet to show off so we have to put up pictures of us)...
 Or a monochromatic display of frames such as this...
 See? Its simple, and it takes up space and it creates a neat design in any room.
I just bought my frames at TJ Maxx and Target, not expensive at all, give it a try!

Vinyl Bibs

Okay, so this isn't really for your home...but it's a very easy (and cheap!) project.
You need: a sewing machine, vinyl and some velcro.

Trace a bib that you already have onto some Vinyl and voila! you have your bib! Next cut out your desired designs, initials, shapes...whatever out of different colored vinyl. I hot glue gunned the snowman shape onto the bib before sewing it, to hold it in place, but that's probably not necessary. Next, sew around the snowman. Add some velcro to the top to fasten the bib and you're done! The design possibilities are endless :)

"Stop sewing and get me some breakfast mom!!"