Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Pillows

I've always wanted interchangeable holiday pillows, but I hate to spend money so I decided to use things I already had to make some Thanksgiving pillows.
Tip: When you're making a pillow cover, make it about 1" smaller than the actual pillow (ie. for a 17"x17" pillow, make your cover 16"x16"). This ensures it won't look flat or under-stuffed.

Turkey PillowI cut out all the pieces, then used iron-on transfer adhesive to stick the pieces to the pillow. Then, I sewed around everything so that it wouldn't peel away at all. After that, I used embroidery thread to add the eyes, mouth and feet. Then, I sewed the pillow together.

Thanks PillowI used my Cricut to cut out the letters, but you could easily cut them out by hand or find a font on your computer to trace. I used the same iron-on transfer adhesive and then sewed around the letters.

Striped PillowI wanted to pull all the fabrics together with this pillow, so I just used different widths of each fabric and sewed them together.

For all the pillows, I used buttons and button-holes on the back so that I can easily take the covers off when the holiday is over and replace them with new covers. Plus, buttons are way easier than a zipper in my opinion.

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The Jackson Family said...

Love them! I have a couple Christmas pillows, but they are such a pain to store, they take up so much room. So I LOVE the idea of only having to store the covers... and then putting new covers on for a different season.