Monday, November 22, 2010

lace earring holder

I'm always looking for good ways to organize jewelery 

usually without success

but this one is kind of fun, I've loved it!

I bought the lace and frame at D.I. for a grand total of $3

You could really use any kind of frame you'd like


All I did was:

 take out the glass and backing to the frame

cut out a piece of lace the size of the frame

and hot glue the lace to the inside edge of the frame


You could of course use a wooden frame as well

in that case I would nail the lace on first to the corners of the frame

but using only hot glue has worked just fine!

I love the lace,

 I think it has kind of a fun vintage look

and it keeps your earrings from getting lost in the abyss of a jewelery box....


1 comment:

Eliza said...

that is GORGEOUS! Glad you joined our blog! I'm going to the thrift store this weekend... I want one of those :)