Tuesday, June 21, 2011


This was a really fun quick project, for anyone that has kids you should make this!

I saw it in Pottery Barn Kids and thought why would anyone pay this insane price when all it is is a couple sticks and fabric? it cost me just under $10. and a few scraps of fabric I already had.

7 2x2's any length, mine are all about 4 ft.
a few nuts and bolts
some fabric for the cover, I just pieced a bunch of canvas scraps that I had together.
and a handy husband who has the day off, or if you like to use a drill go for it!

1st step: make the ends that will cross as the opening, this is where we used the bolts/nuts so it could open and be closed for storage.
2nd: screw the bottom slats and the top one just sits in the X's
3rd: paint if you want and put your fabric on! my kids love it!