Monday, April 1, 2013

Emergency Candles

This month I made some emergency candles for our kits. 
Mine were super cheep, I bought everything on amazon for a steal! 
All you need is:
Soy Wax
wick holders
 I used tin cans from soup and canned foods. I saw some candles at Anthropology like this for $15!  it would also be fun in little Kerr jars

melt your wax in a double boiler (I just used a big and little pot that fit together, worked great)
 While your wax is melting figure out how to make your wick stay in the middle, this was the hardest part! but this is what i came up with! 
poor your wax in the jars, I used a Pyrex measuring cup. the wax cleans up really easy so you can use nice things and it comes right off! it takes about a day to dry and set up. I thought of this after but you could put essential oils in to make them smell nice!  For an emergency candle put a little match box in the top and there you have it!