Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fun Treat for Fall

I saw this idea on pinterest.com.  It is really simple and was quite the crowd pleaser at our last get together.  All you need is doughnut holes, chocolate frosting or nutella, chocolate sprinkles and pretzel sticks.  However, it took a lot more chocolate sprinkles than I expected.

Little doughnut acorns in a row

Monday, October 10, 2011

magnet board

magnet board
metal sheet from hardware store, cut to size, I did a 3x3
duct tape
This was so easy to make, (except the cutting, but my wonderful husband did that for me!) all you do is cut your fabric leaving about 2 inches to fold over the back, pull it tight and tape it down.
Use a punch or a screw driver and a hammer to poke 2 holes in the top for your ribbon and tie it up.

We made this coat rack to hang coats at the bottom. just a 1x4 paint it black and put some hooks on it!