Friday, January 28, 2011

Quicky Solutions

1: Flowers year round- As women... sometimes we just want flowers... so if you don't have a husband that is in tune with your flowery needs... then go just pick up some silk flowers at any craft store, or places like Pier One Imports and make your own arrangements that last all year long. (I find great vases at thrift stores for 1-2 bucks a piece)

2: Place-mat table toppers - I found these place-mats on clearance at Anthropologie for $3.75 a piece...  I got them because they were so cheap and I loved the print... I came home and they just looked darling on top of my end table and kitchen table... they just added a bit of spunk instead of having to put a big table cloth over the table.  Just find ones you like and you are set.  Easy, easy easy. 

3: DIY curtains- I will give more info on these later... but I just had a fabric tip to share.  I went to Joanne's and they had TONS of designer fabrics that you could special order... when I looked at the price I was so sad... way too pricey for me... but I brought home the samples anyway to get an idea of what I wanted and I started to look online... and look up the brands of fabric I had samples of and found this website where they had all the same fabrics but they were all cheaper and all within my price range (now I'm new at this whole crafty/sewing thing so you might have all already discovered this).  So check it out.  I will keep you posted on my DIY curtains... I'm really excited to make them... wish me luck.
So here is the link you will LOVE: