Friday, February 18, 2011

Yarn Wreath

This wreath is super easy to make, pretty cheap (especially with coupons!) and super, super cute!

To start you need a foam wreath (mine is 18" but yours can be smaller!), one skeen of yarn (or 2 if you do a 18"), and sheets of felt (the color of your choice).

Now you need time.

Wrapping the wreath takes some time so sit down, relax, watch a show or something and wrap your wreath. You can start anywhere on the wreath to wrap it. Just make sure you cover the foam wreath and keep it fairly neat and that's it! Since my wreath is so big it took me about 3 hours! But well worth it. ;)

Now for the fun part.
With your felt, cut a circle.

Next cut into your circle around and around until it is all cut up.

Last, "re-wrap" your felt to make a flower.

I chose to use red, yellow, and cream for my flowers. I also added pearls to the centers for some more cuteness. I didn't measure the circles to make various sizes. I just made the flower and snipped some off when I wanted it smaller. I only hot glued the end of the flower to keep it together because when I glued them onto the wreath, I used TONS AND TONS of hot glue so it wouldn't go anywhere! So far it hasn't.

I arranged my flowers according to my liking but of course you could do anything you want! I've seen these wreaths in so many different ways. There are endless possibilities. If you need more inspiration you can visit Etsy and search "yarn wreath" to find some more examples.

The finished product!


sorry about this... I accidentally posted a blank post... so now I'm writing something so its not blank.  Just disregard it :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines toast (or sandwich)

Want to make something festive on Valentines morning?

Make 2 pieces of toast. Using a cookie cutter, cut out a heart out of one piece. Spread jam on the other piece and place the cut out heart piece on top. So easy & fast.

I gave Tucker all the cut out hearts and he kept asking for more "love toast..." ha ha. He must've had 6 "love toasts."

another Valentines Garland

okay, okay enough with the Valentines Garlands already...
but seriously this one was so easy that I had to share.

All you need is red (or pink, or whatever) vinyl, a sewing machine and clear thread. Cut out a bunch of hearts, and using clear thread sew right down the middle of them, connecting them all together.

Here's a closer look:

It literally took me 20 minutes total! You could probably do it for any holiday. Shamrocks, multi colored circles for new years...etc.