Friday, February 4, 2011

A Frame Collage

I always love to see lots and lots of frame collage's before I create my own. So I am sharing with you MY frame collage. It was super cheap to create and I am really IN LOVE with it. I love being able to share my pictures and to see them daily hanging on my wall.
Please don't mind my dirty mirror :)

I decided that if I was going to create a frame collage, I needed to do it as inexpensive as possible. So for the last few months I have been searching thrift stores and garage sales to find frames that I could just paint.

Total cost of project: $17.00

Something to keep in mind when creating a frame collage is: spacing (clean lines always look great!), texture, and color.

I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Valentines Garland

I used fabric and double sided fusible webbing, but it would be easier with just some cute scrapbook paper and a glue stick! (Though I love that I can tuck mine away in the bin and use it year after year!!)

To create a 3D look, for each heart, I used 3 hearts the same size and using fusible webbing, ironed 1/2 the heart to 1/2 the other heart, to 1/2 the other heart. Get it? Click on the picture to make it's pretty self explanatory... :)

Paint- it can do wonders!

We bought our house last summer and the door has been bugging me ever since, I really didn't like the color. So solution=paint!

I love the new dark greenish gray. Paint is so great and I love to paint!

Scrapbook paper frames

I'm in the process of giving my boys' room a red, light blue, and dark blue color theme, so I started with these frames. I bought these wooden frames at Michaels years ago, but Ikea has a cheap version of the frame for only a few dollars each. I painted each white, then bought 3 pieces of 12x12 scrapbook paper, cut out a square in the middle and glued them on to the frame. I decided to put pictures of my kids in the middle, but you can also put different colored squares of paper in the middle (for example put the square you cut out from the red frame in the middle of the dark blue frame. A pretty easy project and a great way to give a room some color!

Using books to decorate

After Christmas I was trying to clear away some books from our bookshelf to make room for the new toys (a classy addition to the bookshelf, I know). After taking a box of books out to the garage I was still left with quite a bit. So I decided to take the best looking books/photo albums and use them as decoration in different parts of the house. Pottery Barn is always using books to decorate, so why couldn't I?