Saturday, January 5, 2013

fun kid gifts

So I'm a huge dork and always make my kids give thankyou's and card for people like teachers, coaches, friends, whoever deserves it! they hate when we do this but it always ends up being so cute! 
This one was for the swim coach, it was the end of the season and it was almost Thanksgiving so we made a turkey, duh! 

1st you make your kid find out their favorite candy bar. We then wrapped it in construction paper and cut out a head, feathers and feet. I didn't ask him to write things on the feathers, that was all his own and I was so proud of him! it was really cute like "you're a way better coach than coach Scott" and "Thanks for getting in the water that once". He's a pretty goofy kid. 

This is another one we did for all our little neighborhood friends for Christmas, SNOWMEN! It was a fun family activity, we made a little assembly line, one wrapped Hershey bars in white paper, the next glued on black dots for coal eyes and mouths, the next drew a carrot nose then we tied a scarf. They were really cute! 

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