Saturday, December 31, 2011


I just got called to be a Sunbeam teacher! I am so excited, and my cute little girl is in my class. I found this fun idea on PINTEREST my latest obsession.

I was worried because I was a nursery leader for ever and none of the kids would ever sit still for a lesson. So I searched and searched for some ideas and this was the winner.

Cut out an egg for each of the children and they have to sit on it and keep it warm just like a mommy duck
Then at the end of your lesson if they've sat on their egg you let them have a baby duckling made out of pompoms and googly eyes. my kids were so excited when I was making these so I hope the sunbeams like them too!
I made the red one and thought it looked a little like an Angry Bird! haha hopefully the parents don't think I'm letting them play that at church!


Sam, Julie, Tucker & Maizie said...

wow Brooke what a excellent idea! I'm in primary too I'm totally going to use this. THanks!!

jerisesh said...

This totally made me smile. I have a sunbeam boy who needs to practice this at home!!!