Thursday, October 6, 2011

Kite mobile

I made this for the nursery I am putting together for our almost here baby girl.  It was VERY cheap.  The only thing I had to purchase was the felt and I got that on I just searched "wool felt sheets" and there are quite a few venders, all have a variety of colors so just find what vendor has the colors you are looking for and you can purchase a nice stack.  When the felt arrived there was orange and white twisted string holding it together so I just used that as my mobile string. I got a screw in top hook from a friend (but you can find at any craft store), and then the sticks from outside.  You can make a mobile with what ever shapes or hanging items that you want... I chose to make mine a kite mobile (diamonds with sticks on the back :) ). My only tools were diamond patterns I made out of cardboard and a glue gun.
1) I made 3 different sizes of cardboard diamonds just using a ruler and "eye-balling" it. I then picked the order of the felt colors I wanted for each diamond set (I wanted a layered look, as you can see) and I cute out my shapes and placed them into the groupings I liked. and then glued them together.
2) Next I went and searched out the straightest small sticks I could find to glue onto the back... I did this to make it look like a kite and to help the diamonds keep their shape.  I broke the sticks to create the proper length and glued them on.  The cross stick I glued onto the other stick in the middle and on the two edges.
 3) I then found 3 sturdier sticks that I liked the look of to use as the arms of the mobile.  And leaving enough string at the top to hang the mobile I measured down how far I wanted each stick and secured it in place by wrapping the string multiple times around the middle (or where ever the stick balanced the best) and then tied a double knot to secure it... I did this for all 3 sticks.
4) Then I proceeded to add the kites to my sticks.  I only made 5 so on the top two sticks I added a kite to each side and on the bottom I hung one down the main middle string.  I attached the string to the kites by wrapping the string multiple times around the back stick and tied a knot and put some glue attaching the string to the felt as an extra security. and then wrapped and tied the top end of the string to the main stick, also adding a little glue for extra security.

5) And after doing that with all the kites my mobile was complete! I just screwed in the hook to the ceiling and wrapped and tied the string multiple times to the hook to make sure it was secure.  I may add the letters of her name to the front diamonds (if we can figure out what to name her any time soon) but for now this is how it looks....

There are a ton of ways to make a mobile, but I really loved the natural/rustic look of this one... if this is your style, give it a whirl... its cheap and easy!


Whitney & Devin said...

I am in love with that mobile! Great job! It looks fantastic

Jessica Jackson said...

I love this Lize! I've never had a mobil for our babies, I may just have to try one now :)