Wednesday, September 28, 2011

painting fabric

I've had these chairs for a while now and just was never happy with them. I covered them in a solid fabric that ended looking the same color as the paint on our walls, blah. It looked totally different at the fabric store. So I painted numbers on them! a cute friend suggested this and I've been seeing it a lot in Pottery Barn and stores like that.

Fabric paint is really easy and cheep, and I just made the stencils by printing numbers on card stock and cutting them out with a razor blade.

(and check out the beginning of our Halloween decor, the bats hanging from the chandler)


Tyler and Lisa said...

I LOVE it! It's just like I had imagined! Great job! Oh and cute bats!

Sam, Julie, Tucker & Maizie said...

suuuuuuper cute brookie.