Monday, March 21, 2011

Spruced up $1 chairs

This is another Whitney gem.... imagine a chair that has brass metal, and a brown plastic covering that is pealing off with yellow foam showing through... not cute right? RIGHT.  They were only a BUCK each at the thrift store... then she purchased this adorable medium weight material on-line and some silver spray paint and went to town.  She unscrewed the cushions and then cute the material to fit... and then just folded it nice and tight and stapled it underneath and screwed the cushions back on... the chair is like NEW! This is such a great idea for anyone who wants to spice up their furniture for cheap... DIY upholstery.
From the mouth of Whitney (the real instructions... not just me guessing):
I pulled off the leather by cutting it with an exacto knife and prying out the staples with a flat head screwdriver.  Then I wrapped the seats and stapled the fabric onto the underside.  The backs of the chair were more difficult and required wrapping them like a present with the stapled edges on the sides and bottom.  I spray painted the metal with two coats, but recommend priming the chair first or using a sealant after the spray paint as the paint chips easily. 


The Jackson Family said...

VERY cute fabric. Where did she get the material?

Eliza said...

I know you can find it on ... but there are a few other websites with it too. I just find the name and brand on and then google it to see if I can find it cheaper. There are tons of cute ones.

Whitney said...

@ The Jackson Family- I found it on Amazon. Here is the link:

@Eliza - sorry it took me so many years to get back to you about the instructions. :)